Training & CPD Resources for Surveyor's Assistants:


The PSOA received a $25,000- grant from the Professional Standards Council under their Star Grants initiative for the production of 10 videos for the purpose of providing training for field assistants and the associated compliance with CPD requirements.


Scripting & production of these videos was carried out by the Surveying Department at Illawarra TAFE.


These videos are available for use by PSOA members.


Contact the PSOA office for more information.


Reporting Resources:


The PSOA scheme made under the Professional Standards Act 1994 (NSW) requires all members to report on their Risk Management strategies so that we can provide a consolidated report to the Professional Standards Council.
To assist our members in the reporting process we have created the following Report Templates available for download if required: CPD (Continuing Professional Development), Complaints & Disciplinary Action, Quality Assurance & Insurer Notification.


General CPD Resources:

The following web sites provide free online training in Microsoft Office applications such as; Excel, Word and Access.

- Go to the training & tutorials section.
- select the option you require.



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