Joining the PSOA


Membership of the PSOA is available to Surveyors who are sole traders, partners or corporate entities.


Membership is dependent upon the applicant holding complying professional liability insurance to a specified monetary ceiling amount.


Three classes of membership are available depending on the annual gross fees for professional services of the related practice.


A Class 1 member has professional indemnity capped at $1,000,000, Class 2 member has professional liability capped at $2,000,000 and Class 3 member has professional liability capped at $5,000,000.


A member can apply for a higher monetary ceiling at the discretion of the Board up to a maximum of $30,000,000.


Surveyors from NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT & NT are able to join the PSOA.




PSOA promotional brochure 

Membership Application Form

Professional indemnity insurance standards

Risk management strategies and disclosure requirements

Continuing professional development policy

Code of Ethical Conduct (February 2015)

Disciplinary Regulations

Policy for when a members PI insurance cover is greater than their limitation of liability 

PSOA Constitution

PSOA Scheme




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